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CALLING SANTA Jacilyn Music I wrote Santa last year and the year before. And I won't make a mistake like that anymore. But I'll call him on the phone talk to him and him alone. Let him know all my Christmas before he's gone. Operator get Santa on the line. And make it snappy cause he's an old friend of mine. He gets mail from me each year And I'm sure he'd like to hear that we from Spencer Avenue two times. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. The number that you've reached is not correct. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Just why is this call hard to connect? Clear the line I don't want to talk to an elf I told you I only wanted Santa himself. Ring his phone and not his shop Can't you make that loud stop All this loud ringing in my ears could make me deaf. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. You sound like you are talking in a whole. Hello. Hello. Hello. Well Hello. Hang up the line and call to the north pole. Mrs. Clause please this won't just wait. And what was that I just heard somebody say. Is it true that Santa is sick? Or is this some kind of trick? It won't work I'll keep calling It won't work I'll keep calling every day. Hello.


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