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CHRISTMAS EVE IN FAIRYLAND (Tony Parry / Ross Parker) as recorded by Gracie Fields with Peter Yorke & his Orchestra 1950 Do ya know where Santa gets the toys For all the little girls and boys? If you don't, you soon will understand, Just come and see on Christmas Eve in Fairyland! First of all he starts at break of day, With reindeer and an empty sleigh, And a list of stockings in his hand He has to fill on Christmas Eve in Fairyland. Off he rides up Rainbow Hill, For boxes full of painting coloured squares. Then he drives to Dollyville To fill his sack with dolls and teddy bears. That's the way he goes the whole day through, He has an awful lot to do! But it all comes out as Santa planned The moment that it's Christmas Eve in Fairyland. Oh it's such a day for Santa Claus, Collecting toys without a pause, And for every toy there's such demand, Especially on Christmas Eve in Fairyland! For the day goes on, he never stops, He calls at all the fairy shops, And the way he works is simply grand, Because he knows it's Christmas Eve in Fairyland! Whips and tops And lollipops, With racing cars and candy bars galore. He sets to In pink and blue, And rocking horses ready by the score! Soon the toys are piles upon the sleigh, For all the kids on Christmas Day. Yes, it all turns out as Santa planned, The moment that it's Christmas Eve in Fairyland! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2013)


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