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CHRISTMAS FOR EVERY BOY AND GIRL (Clint Black) Clint Black Verse one The roar of his laughter is widely renown A distinct ho-ho-ho as he goes town to town The number of kids is sure to astound It’s many the chimney that he’ll shimmy down He know’s who’s been bad and who’s good And he’d empty that bag out if only he could Chorus When he’s loading his sleigh and he’s making the rounds There’ll be many a rooftop that won’t hear the sound Of the reindeers hooves stomp and st. nick touches down When he wraps up a package of peace for the world There’ll be christmas for every boy and girl Verse two How many children are watching the sky For a chance to see rudolph’s red nose glowing by And how many lay listening with sleep in their eyes And visions of patriots crossing the sky He knows who’s asleep and awake And that promise won’t keep if it’s for goodness sake Chorus (repeat twice) ...around the world


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