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CHRISTMAS IN JULY (Cenobia 'Bubba' Hernandez / Jeffrey Barnes) Brave Combo - 1991 The president was passing laws, Gave a call to Santa Claus He said, "Get that toy machine on high. Economy is in a slump I know what could pick it up This year let's have Christmas in July" Oh, we'll have a Christmas , a summer Christmas We'll have one fine fun-time unwinding In the sunshine Christmas Oh, we'll spend yuletide, down by the poolside This year let's have Christmas in July I'm dreamin' of a hot Christmas Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells on the ice cream truck Rudolf, the sunburned reindeer Have yourself a very steamy Christmas Who says Christ was a Capricorn? Maybe He perhaps was born On the hottest Sunday of the year His birthday might have been the time to be On the beach at Galilee Watching him change water into beer They'd have a Christmas, a summer Christmas You'd see the Lord could surf Without a surfboard Christmas Could it be possible? Check out the gospel This year let's have Christmas in July


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