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CHRISTMASLAND (Dennis Farnon (m) / Brian Farnon (l) ) Lyrics as released by Tony Bennett 1968 ‘The Christmas Album Snowfall’. Come along, follow me Let me take you to Christmasland It's a place very near Where you’ll find your own wonderland Waiting there for you You will see all the friends you knew. Santa Claus will be there There'll be toys and some mistletoe All the things that you loved as a child Many years ago Come and take my hand We'll find happiness, let's go to Christmasland. (bridge) Come and take my hand We'll go, you and I To find our Christmasland. NOTES: Tony Bennett, at 87 years old (as of 2013) still performs live today. This American singer has sold over 50 millions records. (Transcribed by David Story - December 2013)


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