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CHRISTMAS NIGHT A Poem By Helen Fielden (1859 - 1950) Softly, softly falls the snow, Merrily ring the bells, Bringing cheer to high and low, How their music swells. Rising in the eastern sky, Shines a star so clear, Promise of the days to be, Carol, carol, joyfully, Christmas-time is here. Bring the ivy and the fir, Bring the box and holly, Christmas comes but once a year, Let us all be jolly. Bitter winds may howl and blow, Pile the good logs higher, Basking in the rosy glow, Dream the dreams of long ago, Round the Christmas fire. Night is falling dark and drear, Snow lies deep and white, Sing the songs of love and cheer, For 'tis Christmas night. Childish hearts are full of glee, Hear the voices clear! Dancing round the sparkling tree, "Christmas joy for you and me, Happy, Bright New Year!"


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