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CHRISTMAS NIGHT IN HARLEM From the Broadway Revue "Blackbirds Of 1934" (Mitchell Parish / Raymond Scott) Paul Whiteman & Orch.(vocal: Jack Teagarden & Johnny Mercer) - 1934 Hal Kemp & His Orch. - 1934 Ozzie Nelson & His Orch. - 1934 Clarence Williams & His Orch.- 1934 Willie Lewis & His Negro Band -1941 Also recorded by: Louis Armstrong; Lester Lanin; Beau Hunks; Jim Galloway; Ramsey Lewis; Kustard Kings; Banu Gibson; Raymond Scott. (Spoken) (Jack) Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory Halle... (Johnny) What's all that noise? (Jack) Hallelujah! (Johnny) Don't give up with that now (Jack) Glory Halle... (Johnny) Who's that over in the corner? (Jack) Hallelujah! (Johnny) I believe that's Mr. Teagarden. Hey what you doin' up there, Man? Last time I saw you you were sayin' fare thee well to Harlem (Jack) I done bin wise g'wine an' I ain't g'wine there n'more (Johnny) You sho' come back the right time it's Christmas up here (Jack) What d'ya mean up here, it's Christmas ev'rywhere (Johnny) Yeah, but it ain't all Christmas like it's Christmas in Harlem (Jack) No? (Sung) (Johnny) Ev'ry gal struttin' with her beau Through the streets covered white with snow Happy smiles er'ywhere you go Christmas night in Harlem (Jack) Black and tans feelin' mighty good In that old coloured neighbourhood Here and now be it understood Christmas night in Harlem (Johnny) Ev'ryone is gonna sit up Until after three Ev'ryone will be all lit up Like a Christmas tree (Jack) Come on now ev'ry coal black Joe You just lead me t'the mistletoe With a kiss and a hi-de-ho Christmas night in Harlem (Spoken) (Johnny) Hee Hee, man, Dog, what'd Santa Claus leave in your stockin'? (Jack) Let me see, there's an orange, a jar o' ???? and Man, look at this slide trombone (Johnny) Yeah, but it might not sound so pretty, let me hear you tune it (Instrumental Break) (Sung) (Jack) Mr Mercer, I'm glad to be Back in this festivity (Johnny) Ah, you said it Mr T It's Christmas night in Harlem (Jack) Well it's Christmas night in Harlem Man, you drew the ?????? (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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