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CHRISTMAS RIDDLE, THE (Peggy Lee / Stella Castelucci) Peggy Lee & Children's Chorus - 1960 Children, may I tell a riddle Of someone who's dear to you Maybe you will guess the answer Long before I'm through (Riddle, a riddle, oh, tell us a riddle) (Tell us a riddle, please do) Well, long ago there lived a bishop Who was such a kindly man All his life was spent in giving That was how it all began And they say he rode a white horse As he went from door to door Giving presents, sweets and good things Need I tell you any more (Riddle, a riddle, it still is a riddle) (Tell us, oh, please tell us more) Next the legend says, the children Would leave hay in a wooden shoe For the white horse he was riding Now you have another clue (You gave us a clue, you gave us a clue) (About hay in a wooden shoe) He has many another name In many another far off land But no matter what the language Every child will understand Well now, when you hang your stocking He was why that all began All the World has kept the custom Of this kind and saintly man (We've got it, we've got it, we just guessed the riddle) (We know how it all began) Yes, you know now 'twas Saint Nicholas For giving gifts, he was the cause Some have named him dear Kris Kringle Others call him Santa Claus And much like the sweet Dutch children Would leave hay in a wooden shoe Others leave some for the reindeer And give presents too (The riddle, the riddle, we guessed the riddle) (The riddle of dear old Saint Nick) The riddle of old Saint Nick (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2009)


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