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CHRISTMAS SHOPPING (Buck Owens / Charles H. Anderson) Buck Owens - 1968 I got ten toy soldiers for Billy Joe I got coloring book for Sue I got a little toy train for Danny boy and a cowboy suit for Loui I got a talkin' baby doll for Cindy I got a pair o'roller skates for Jane And baby if we ever have any more kiss Christmas shoppin's gonna drive me insane Gonna go this Christmas shopping well I wonder if I'll ever get through I tried to get everybody somethin' that they wanted But I didn't know what to get you I read the kids letters to Santa Claus I read 'em over one by one And I surely like to get my hands on the fella that said Christmas shoppin's fun I got ten toy soldiers... Well I must've walked a hundred miles or more I went to every store in town My feet started swellin' and my head started achin' And I couldn't find a place to sit down But to tell you the truth well I really don't mind it I could even walk another mile Cause on Christmas mornin' when they open up the presents Well it's worth it just to see them smile I got ten toy soldiers...


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