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COME LITTLE JESUS (Leigh Newton, 1987) Chorus: Come little Jesus, come to the hayshed, Show God's love has come to us today. Come little Jesus, come to the hayshed, Come lay down on a prickly bale of hay. Come see the calves tied up with binder twine, Come see the mice at play, Come see the swallows nesting in the rafters, Welcome the dawn to the day. Come see the farmer milking all the cows, Come hear the dairy noise, Come see the levels rising in the milk vat, Food for the girls and the boys. Come feel the swirling dust get up your nose, Come feel the biting sun, Come feel the pain of prickles in your clothing, Come feel the crack of a gun. Come be the birthday boy who talks of God, Come lead us home your way, Come be the boy who's man enough to cry, And die in the heat of the day.


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