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DON'T WAIT TILL THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Abel Baer / Sam M. Lewis) Recorded by: Rosemary Clooney; Eddy Duchin; Peg LaCentra. (verse) All year long in the mountains Lives an old man, they say. He wraps up bundles with ribbons, Just to give them away. All year long in the mountains, He looks down to see Kids that are good, and kids that are bad, And treats them accordingly. (refrain) If you want toys like other little boys In your neighborhood, Don't wait 'til the night before Christmas To be good. And dolls with curls are for the little girls, Who do things they should, So don't wait 'til the night before Christmas To be good. You can't fool Mister Santa Claus, He knows right from wrong; And you can't be right for just one night, You gotta be right, right along. You'd love to see another Christmas tree Where the old one stood. So don't wait 'til the night before Christmas To be good. (patter) Santa Claus has a big book That helps him to remember, He can tell each kid the things they did From January to December. Jimgle bells never jingle For the very bad ones. Ev'ry Christmas Day, the good are gay And the bad ones are the sad ones. (repeat refrain)


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