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FIRST CHRISTMAS IN LOVE (Words and Music by Janice Kapp Perry) Are the lights a little brighter this year, Is the snow a little whiter this year, Is the glow from the fireplace as soft as it seems It wraps me with happiness. fills me with dreams Is my step a little quicker this year, Is my heart a little bigger this year, Maybe nothing has changed. but it seems so because It's my first Christmas In love There s magic in the music this year There is joy in every carol I hear And the sweet Christmas feelings the sights and the sounds Are somehow more wonderful this time around Is my smile a little brighter this year! Is the world a little righter this year? Maybe nothing has changed but it seems so because It s my first Christmas in love All the wonders of Christmas have been there before. Bur this year it seems to mean so much more! It's our first Christmas In love It's the best Christmas that ever was Through the years we remember This season because it was our first Christmas in love Spoken “Isn't that the misteltoe?


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