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GONNA EAT FOR CHRISTMAS (Blades / Estefan) Rosie O'Donnell & Gloria Estefan - 1999 Rosie: Don't want tinsel, don't want bows Don't want Rudolph's shiny nose I'm gonna eat for Christmas Gloria: From my diet I will stray But I'll workout the next day (Oh what a shock!) Gonna eat for Christmas Both: It's a time for giving Rosie: Won't you give me mashed potatoes and ham? Both: It's a time for sharing Gloria: Are you gonna polish off those yams? Rosie: You mean these? Gloria: No? Rosie: Yes I am Rosie: I don't say this to be nice I'll have more black beans and rice Gonna eat for Christmas Gloria: At the family shindig, gonna be the Christmas pig Both: But I'll leave some room Gloria: I'm planning quite a buffet Rosie: Please don't throw away Both: That leftover food Santa gave us some advice To be naughty's very nice Cause when you're stuffed It'll always feel like Christmas to you! Rosie: Oh, that was exhausting, oh we got a break now? Gloria: Oh, yeah Rosie: I am so hungry Glo, what'ya got? Gloria: Put down that sandwich Rosie: Well, do you have anything... Gloria: You can't eat now Rosie: I can eat this now Gloria: No, there's no time Rosie: How much time do we have? Gloria: We're almost going to sing now.. Rosie: Let me just..wait..I can take the first part Gloria: Get her some water for god sake Rosie: I'll join you, go. Gloria: There's a twinkle in my eye For a piece of pumpkin pie Gonna eat for Christmas Rosie: If I eat one more soufflé, I won't fit in Santa's sleigh Both: I'll be filled with gloom Gloria: To face the scale the next day, is no holiday Rosie: We'll sing a different tune (you know it) Gloria: Take advantage while we may Rosie: Let's pig out on Christmas day Cause when you're stuffed It'll always feel like Christmas To you Rosie: That was fun Gloria: Whoa, Yeah Rosie: You know there's a candy machine in the lobby. Did you see it? No, it's there. Gloria: I can't believe you Rosie: Oy!


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