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HAIL ! EVER HAIL Hail! ever hail! auspicious morn, The brightest since our fall: Mortals, exult! the Saviour's born, O crown him Lord of all! Down from celestial climes of day He hastes to tread our ball, Glory illumines all the way, O crown him Lord of all! Hark! loud hosannahs from the song The melting airs inthrall, A Saviour angels waft along, And shout him Lord of all. Wrapt in their folded vests of light They seek the sordid stall, Gaze with emotions of delight, And own him Lord of all. Shepherds, to you a herald flies, Obey the early call, Immanuel in a manger lies, Go crown him Lord of all. He comes, he comes, our world to bless, To ransom every soul From shades of endless wretchedness: O crown him Lord of all! The sceptre, robe, and throne prepare, Attend, ye great and small, With acclamations rend the air, And crown him Lord of all. As It Fell Out One May Morning (Contributed by Frank DiSalle - December 2003)


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