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HARK WHAT NEWS Hark, Hark! what news the Angels bring Glad tidings of a new-born King, Who is the Saviour of mankind, In whom we may salvation find. This is the day, the blessed morn, The Saviour of mankind was born, Born of a maid, a Virgin pure, Born without sin, from guilt secure. Hail, blessed Virgin, full of grace! Blessed above all mortal race, Whose blessed womb brought forth in one, A God, A Savior, and a Son. A perfect God, a perfect man, A mystery which no man can Attain to, tho' he's e'er so wise, Till he ascent above the skies. Arise, my soul, and then, my voice, In hymns of praise early rejoice, His fame extol and magnify, Upon those errands Angels fly. As Angels sung at Jesus' birth, Sure we have greater cause for mirth, For why, it was for our sake Christ did our human nature take. Dear Christ, thou didst thyself debase, Thus to descent to human race, And leave thy Father's throne above: Lord, what could move thee to this love? Man that was made out of the dust, He found a paradise at first; But see the God of Heaven and earth Laid in a manger at his birth. Surely the manger where he lies Doth figure out his sacrifice, And by his birth all men may see A pattern of humility. Stupendous Babe! my God and King, Thy praises I will ever sing, In joyful accents raise my voice, And in my praise of God rejoice. My soul, learn by thy Saviour's birth For to debase thyself on earth, That I may be exalted high, To live with him eternally. I am resolved whilst here I live, As I'm in duty bound, to give All glory to the Deity, One God alone in persons three. (Contributed by Frank DiSalle - December 2003)


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