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HENRY HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS Walter Brennan - 1962 SPOKEN: My Dad used to raise turkeys for Christmas And about a week before, he'd take 'em into town He always kept the biggest one 'specially for us And Mom'd cook it to a golden brown One year he brought the usual batch home Just hatched, with lots of growin' to do There was one awful skinny like, he put in my care He never figured he'd pull through I named him Henry and with a young boy's touch I finally got him to grow Now, I know'd what'd happen if he'd grow'd too much I remember, I used to tell him so Henry, you're growin' a-way too fast Dad's got his eye on you And Christmas Day's gonna be your last Eatin' the way you do Course I never thought about the ones Dad sold How they'd wind up in the oven too But I'd seen what'd happen when the ones he'd choose What him and that axe could do Early one mornin' Dad took 'em to town And sure enough, Henry was left And by Christmas Eve, the way I moped around They all know'd how bad I felt After supper Dad left the house An' ev'rything was quiet, 'cept the old hall clock It was a long, long wait..... Henry jumped straight up when that axe hit the choppin' block We shot out the back door to where Dad was All of us a-runnin' around And Dad just stood there, grinnin' at us Then we hear'd a gobblin' sound No, we didn't have turkey that Christmas Day But that was all right with us And there weren't a one of us that didn't want it that way And you know, Henry had a Merry Christmas (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2005)


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