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HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (Haase / Moorehead) 'Nsync - 1998 Crossing the ocean with my window view Thinking of the times I spent with you When I close my eyes and see the family Making out their wishlist, All dressed up for Christmas On my own for too many years I miss the happiness I miss the tears CHORUS: When I close my eyes and I'm all alone I think of all the love we shared When I need a friend or a helping hand I know that you will all be there I've been gone for so many holidays But you can light the fire 'Cuz this year, I'll be home for Christmas day I see the children playing in the snow Precious memories that I used to know When I see the love, in the lovers eye Always there to teach us, The real meaning of Christmas On my own, for too many years I miss the happiness, i miss the tears CHORUS It doesn't matter How grown you think you are Something happens to ya When you see that shinning star CHORUS x2


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