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HOW MANY COOKIES CAN SANTA CLAUS EAT ? (Tom Paxton) Tom Paxton Last Christmas Eve in our house before we went to bed Daddy smiled at Momma and this is what he said "It's a long, long night for Santa around the world and back I believe Saint Nick'll get hungry, I believe he'd like a snack" Sister get a glass of milk, brother get the jar Look inside and tell me how many ginger snaps there are We're leaving some for Santa, what a friendly thing to do For it's hungry work he's doing and we don't want to leave too few So, Chorus: How many cookies can Santa Claus eat? Can Santa Claus eat? Can Santa Claus eat? How many cookies can Santa Claus eat? How hungry will he be? We'd better pile the plate so high With cookies nearly to the sky To feed Saint Nick so he can fly To kids like you and me We found some oatmeal cookies, some peanut butter too And though we had no choc'late chip, Dad said these would do We left them by the chimney, with a little note that said With love to Santa from the kids all fast asleep in bed Chorus Next morning we were happy, with presents 'round the tree We were so excited, that it took a while to see That the glass was empty, and on the plate one crumb And a note from Santa saying, Thank you, yum, yum, yum! Chorus


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