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IF I WERE FATHER CHRISTMAS Harry Hemsley Harry Hemsley If I were Father Christmas, and through the park should pass, I'd alter all the "please keep off" to "please keep on" the grass, And "do not pick the flowers", this notice makes me wild, I'd alter it to "help yourself", These flowers are yours my child. If I were Father Christmas, I'd hit upon a scheme, To make all nasty medicines, taste just like lovely cream, The pills would taste like bulls-eyes, and castor-oil would smell, And taste like lovely honey, and You'd long to be unwell. If I were Father Christmas, I'd look around for me, And load myself with heaps of toys, not merely two or three, Lots of aeroplanes, and cycles, and boats and ships a fleet, Some railway trains and motor cars, And heaps of tuck to eat. (Contributed by James Went - February 2007)


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