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I LIKE LIFE From "Scrooge" (1970) (Leslie Bricusse) The Ghost of Christmas Present (G) and Scrooge (S) (all lines sung except where indicated) (G says) Ebenezer Scrooge, the sins of man are huge! A never-ending symphony of villainy and infamy, duplicity, deceit and subterfuge. (G sings) And no one's worse than Ebenezer Scrooge! Though man's a handy candidate for Hell, I must admit life sometimes has its brighter side as well! I like life! Life likes me! Life and I fairly fully agree Life is fine! Life is good! 'Specially mine which is just as it should be! I like pouring the wine and why not? Life's a pleasure that I deny not I like life here and now Life and I made a mutual vow Till I die, life and I, We'll both try to be better somehow And if life were a woman she would be my wife (S says) Why? (G) Why? Because I like life! (S says) That's all very well for you but not for me. I hate life. (G says) Scrooge, you're an even bigger fool than I took you for! Now you listen to me. (G) I like life. (G says) Well, go on! (S) I like life (G says) That's better! (G) Life likes me (S) Life likes me (G says) Good! Good! (G) I make life a perpetual spree (S) Perpetual spree (G) Eating food (S) Drinking wine Thinking who'd like the privilege to dine me I like drinking the drink I'm drinking (G says) That's better, Scrooge! (G) I like thinking the thoughts I'm thinking I like songs, I like dance I hear music and I'm in a trance (S) Tra la la! (G) Oompapah! (both) Chances are we shall get up and prance (G) Where there's music and laughter happiness is rife (S) Why? (G) Why?Because I like life! (both) Where there's music and laughter happiness is rife Why? Because I like life See how much we like life! (Transcribed by Holly Tooker - December 2003)


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