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I WAS YOUNG ONCE TOO (Robert Bryne / Robert Byrne / Richard Leigh) Alabama - 1996 He raced that engine down the track 'round the tree on Christmas Day I was so amazed my Dad would play with trains I saw a sparkle in his eye, then I heard him say "Come on son, let's play, I was young once too" He washed that Buick faithfully, Lord, he kept her clean I thought that machine meant more to him than me On the day I turned sixteen, he threw me the keys Said, "I was young once too, now she belongs to you" He was such a young man then, I'm older than that now I hope I measure up to him, when the circle comes around I saw him in the attic sittin' cross legged on the floor With some old photographs, he pointed and he laughed He said, "That's me in that picture", I said, "No son, that's your dad. I was young once too, and looked a lot like you" I was young once too, I was young once too Merry Christmas son, I wish your Grandpa were here He was young once too, and looked like me and you


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