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I WONDER AS I WANDER (John Jacob Niles / Traditional) Jo Stafford - 1950 Joan Baez - 1966 Barbra Steisand - 1967 Sandi Patty - 1974 Barbara Hendricks - 1995 Jewel - 1999 Also recorded by: John Raitt; Jeanne Cotter; Peter, Paul & Mary; Larry Dalton; Linda Ronstadt; Glenn Yarbrough; Kathleen Battle; Theresa Donohoo; Rita Costanzi; John Aldis. I wonder as I wander out under the sky, How Jesus the Savior did come for to die. For poor on'ry people like you and like I... I wonder as I wander out under the sky. When Mary birthed Jesus 'twas in a cow's stall, With wise men and farmers and shepherds and all. But high from God's heaven a star's light did fall, And the promise of ages it then did recall. If Jesus had wanted for any wee thing, A star in the sky, or a bird on the wing, Or all of God's angels in heav'n for to sing, He surely could have it, 'cause he was the King.


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