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JESUS' BIRTHDAY AUSSIE STYLE (Gerry Holmes, 1999) Chorus: Hey everybody! It's time to have a party. Jesus, it's your birthday Aussie style. Chop the wood, chop the wood, someone light the barbie. Cook the snags, cook the snags, 'til their golden brown. Shoo the flies, shoo the flies, keep them out of mischief. Pass the chips, pass the chips and don't forget the cooks. Grab a hat, grab a hat, slap a bit of cream on. Find a drink, find a drink, nice and icy cold. on in, come on in, everyone's invited. Lend a hand, lend a hand when it's clean up time. Chop the wood, cook the snags, shoo the flies, pass the chips, Grab a hat, find a drink, come on in, lend a hand 'cause... Chorus


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