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LITTLE CHRISTMAS STOCKING WITH A HOLE IN THE TOE Cricketones In the house upon the hill Hanging on the window sill Was a little Christmas stocking with a hole in the toe And when Santa came to call At the house upon the hill He saw the Christmas stocking hanging in the candle glow. Santa chuckled to himself As he walked across the floor To the little Christmas stocking with a hole in the toe And he saw a note was pinned The the place where it was torn He read the note then turned his head so teardrops would not show The note said, "Santa I am just a little boy And I have everything that could bring me yuletide joy When you fill my stocking, if it should overflow I won't mind if something pushes through the hole in the toe." Santa went back to his sled And he loaded up his pack Then he went back down the chimney and his heart was oh so glad And he filled the stocking until no more he could pack 'Cause the note said, "Please, dear Santa Could you make the gifts for mom & dad?"


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