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LITTLE SANDY SLEIGHFOOT His name is Sandy Sleighfoot, And oh so sad was he, For though he stood just 4 feet tall His feet were 3 feet 3. He tried to help make Santa's toys But with his feet so long, He'd trip and fall and break them all Just every thing went wrong. Now little Sandy Sleighfoot Don't you feel so blue: Even with your feet so long God has a place for you. The other kids made fun of him, They laughed at him with glee, But Sandy Sleighfoot learned one day Without skis he could ski; So when the night 'fore Christmas Eve The reindeer stable burned, He skied down hill and saved the deer By remembering what he'd learned. Now everybody loves him, And Santa Loves him, too, And ever since on Christmas eve He's helped bring gifts to you. (Contributed by Bette Carl - July 2004)


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