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OLD MAN'S BACK IN TOWN Garth Brooks Hey, the old man's back in town He's spreadin' cheer around He's come a long, long way With his reindeer and his sleigh He's bringing lots of toys For all good girls and boys So spread the news around Yeah the old man's back in town He's been waitin' all year long Just to bring his gifts to you All the elves and Mrs. Claus Have been waitin' all year too Now they're hookin' up his reindeer And they're loadin' down his sleigh So take my advice you best be nice 'Cause the old man's on his way Repeat Chorus: Now the mistletoe is hung And the tree is all a glow The carolers have sung Every Christmas song they know And the kids are all in bed now With Santa on their mind So the scene is set and you an bet He'll show up anytime Repeat Chorus: Everybody gather 'round 'Cause the old man's back in town


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