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OL' SANTA CLAUS Harry Connick Jr. I think I saw ol' Santa through my window Christmas eve My eyes were really droopy but I really do believe It must've been ol' Santa 'cause I saw his big red hat And I know my mom and dad can't fly like that ! And then I heard some footsteps in the hall outside my door The same ol' Christmas trick my dad had played since I was four He stands outside my bedroom yelling "Ho! Ho! Ho!" because He knows I don't believe in Santa Claus I think my daddy sees me Peeking from my door But he pretends he's Santa anyway Every year he tries to fool me But I'm a big boy now I don't believe in Santa or his sleigh… No way! So I went back to my bed and I curled up nice and tight I stared out my window and looked into the night And then, all of a sudden, through my window I could see Santa Claus was flying by and smiling at me Chorus: Santa Claus, Santa Claus It must've been ol' Santa Claus Santa Claus, Santa Claus Happy "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to you


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