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O SANCTISSIMA O Sanctissima O Piissima (1) Dulcis Virgo Maria Mater amta intemerata Ora ora pro nobis Tota pulchra es O Maria Et macula non est in te Mater anmata intemerata Ora ora pro nobis Sicut lilium inter spinas(2) Sic Maria inter filias Mater amata intemerata Ora ora pro nobis In miseria in angustia Ora Virgo pro nobis Pro nobis ora in mortis hora Ora ora pro nobis Tu solatium et refugium Virgo Mater Maria Quidquid optamus per te speramus (3) Ora, ora pro nobis ***** O SANCTISSIMA English wording to the tune of "O Sanctissima" Day of holiness Peace and happiness, Joyful glorious Christmas day. Angels tell the story. Of this day in glory, Praise Christ, our Savior, born this Christmas Day! (Contributed by Frank DiSalle - December 2003) Two other English Renditions: O thou happy, O thou holy Glorious peace bringing Christmas time Angel throngs to meet thee On Thy birth we greet Thee Hail to Christ, the Son of God, our newborn king Or, Oh, how joyfully; Oh, how merrily Christmas comes with its grace divine Grace again is beaming Christ the world redeeming; Hail, ye Christians, Hail the joyous Christmas time ****** Click here to jump to the German wording: O DU FRÖHLICHE Click here to jump to the Spanish wording: OH SANTÍSIMO, FELICÍSIMO ****** Translation of the Latin O most holy O most devoted Sweet Virgin Mary Mother with love unswerving Pray, o pray for us. You are true beauty, O Mary And there is no stain of sin in you Mother with love unswerving Pray, o pray for us Like the lily among the thorns So are you O Mary among women(4) Mother with love unswerving Pray, o pray for us In our misery and anguish Pray for us, O Virgin Pray for us in the hour of our death Pray, o pray for us O comfort and refuge Virgin Mother Mary Whatever we seek, we aspire to through you Pray, o pray for us (1) (1) Pious is a difficult word to use in modern English. It has acquired a modern stuffy idiom that it does not possess in Latin. (2) (2) Biblical Reference: Song of Solomon (3) (3) In this verse, it is important to remember the role of the Virgin as “Intercessor with Our Intercessor" (4) (4) translated in this sense as Daughters of Man although the original Song of Solomon sense is far more worldly. (Translation per Mike Tittensor January 2013)


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