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OUT OF THE EAST Harry Noble Out of the East there came riding, riding, Three of the wisest of men. Dust was their enemy blinding, blinding, Even the wisest of them. Wandering shepherds heard tell their story, Told in the flickering firelight, Tender light, Ever bright Christmas night. Far to the West was there shining, shining, Blazing a star in the dawn; Reverent wise men beheld it, saying "This night a savior is born." Into the West the went riding, riding, Following after the star, Over a quiet town shining, shining, Lighting their way from afar. Under its glory sat Mother Mary Tenderly singing a lullaby, Hush-a-by, Don't-you-cry lullaby, Into the stable came riding, riding, Three of the wisest of men; Gifts did they bring for that Babe in manger, Gifts for the savior of men. Lo! in a manger they found Him, found Him, Bathed in the light of yon star; Gold did they bring Him and frankincense, And myrrh from a land that was far. Shepherds crept in singing praises, praises; Angels kept watch to be near to Him, Dear to Him, One with Him, praising Him. Into the East then went riding, riding, Three of the wisest of men. Found was the Babe in a lowly manger, Crowned was the Savior of men.


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