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ROCKIN' SANTA (Rockin' Robin by J. Thomas / New words and arrangement by Erick Traplin) Well he rocks at the North Pole all year long Hoppin' and a boppin' and a singin' his song All the little elves, they tap their toe When they hear Santa go ho, ho, ho Rockin' Santa, ho, ho, ho Rockin' Santa, ho, ho, ho Well go rockin' Santa Cos' we're really gonna rock tonight Every little reindeer, every snowman Every little elf in Christmas land All the little toys, standin' in a row Clap their hands sayin' go santa go A pretty little elf at the toy stand Taught him how to do the bop and it was grand He started shakin' and what do you know He's still boppin' at the North Pole Well all the elves, will gather `round When they hear Santa's goin' to town They load up his sleigh, shine Rudolph's nose And wave good-bye, sayin' go santa go


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