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SANTA LOOKED A LOT LIKE DADDY (Buck Owens / Don Rich) Buck Owens - 1965 Garth Brooks - 1992 Paul Brandt - 1998 CHORUS: Santa looked like daddy, Or daddy looked like him. It's not the way I had him pictured, Santa was a' much too thin. He didn't come down the chimney, So momma must have let him in. Santa looked a lot like daddy Or daddy looked a lot like him. Well, they thought I was fast a' sleepin', They thought that I was tucked in bed. They never thought I'd come a' peepin', Or that I'd hear what was said. Santa put his arm around momma, And momma put her arm around him. So if Santa Claus ain't daddy, Then I'm a gonna tell on them. REPEAT CHORUS I never saw Dancer or Prancer, I never heard the sleigh bells ring. An' I never saw the Red Nosed reindeer, Like they show on the TV screen. But he sure brought a lot of presents, So Santa Claus, he must have been. And Santa looked a lot like daddy Or daddy looked a lot like him. REPEAT CHORUS (Contributed by Doug Ready)


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