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SAVING UP CHRISTMAS (Sue Ennis - Hummie Mann) Captain & Tennille - 2005 Also recorded by: Loni Rose Last spring you went off to war We put our world on hold We set our sights on next December When you'd be coming home We knew the kids would be watching us Couldn't let our heartbreak show No tears on your uniform Everything good to go But now the snow is falling And tomorrow's Christmas day And you'll be sitting down to Christmas dinner In a land so far away (Chorus) So I'm saving up Christmas Until my wish comes true 'Cause it won't feel like the holidays 'Til I feel my arms around you Now don't you worry, honey - I'll make sure the kids are fine We'll have stockings and toys, but baby I'll save that bottle of wine 'Til my Christmas day comes through I'll be saving up Christmas for you Now the silver moon shines a lonesome light On the freshly fallen snow My lonliness seems too much to bear But I'm gonna fight through this holy night In my private little war And right now we need brave soldiers everywhere (Repeat chorus) (Contributed by David Roberson - December 2005)


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