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SOCKO THE SMALLEST SNOWBALL (Freddie Morgan / Dave Myers) Spike Jones & His City Slickers with The Bell Sisters - 1952 You've all heard of Alice In Wonderland Well, we have a little story We hope you'll understand It's about a little snowball We met the other day He actually spoke to us! And this is what he had to say I'm Socko the smallest snowball But I never get a chance to play What fun for the other snowballs To be thrown back and forth all day The kids all built a great big fort With snowballs big and round But when the battle finished I was still there on the ground Oh, if they would only try me I'm small but I'm so fully packed I'm sure if I hit a window That window would be all cracked The sun will soon be here they say And then I guess I'll melt away So please somebody come and play With Socko the smallest snowball SPOKEN: Oh, how I wish that I could be On top of some big hill Then I would roll right off and start To roll and roll until I'd get so big that all the kids Would point at me and stare And say I was the biggest, biggest Snowball anywhere But, I'm, Socko the smallest snowball And it seems I never have much fun I'll bet if somebody would throw me I could make all the other kids run One day a man chased all the kids He was so big and fat Oh, how the children laughed When I knocked off his big silk hat Oh, why must I be so little? I wish I was real big instead Then if they built a snowman I might even be the head With two big eyes A great big smile I'd make the kiddies Laugh all the while Please somebody, give a trial To Socko the smallest snowball


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