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THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS (from "The Sounds of Christmas" [TV] ) Lurics: Alan "Buz" Kohan - Music: Larry Grossman Julie Andrews with Ian Fraser and the London Symphony Orchestra The sound of Christmas is in the air ... Everywhere I go, I hear the sound of Christmas, The joyous sound of a choir singing, The sacred sound of the church bells ringing, The happy sound of friendly footsteps Crunching through the newly-fallen snow. The sound of children giggling with delight, The sound of an organ, full and rich and bright, Playing "Joy to the World", "The First Noel", and "Silent Night". The sound of Christmas is all around, And each song I hear fills my soul with a love that's growing, Growing more and more, till it's overflowing, Overflowing with peace and good cheer. I'm glad I'm here to hear the sound of Christmas Once again this year ... This year. (Transcribed by LOU RUGANI - THE MUSIC OF THE STARS (WLIP) - December 2015)


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