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THE ANGEL GABRIEL FROM GOD The Angel Gabriel from God Was sent to Galilee, Unto a Virgin fair and free, Whose name was called Mary. And when the Angel thither came, He fell down on his knee, And looking up in the Virgin's face, He said, All hail, Mary. Chorus: Then, sing we all, both great and small, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell; We may rejoice to hear the voice Of the Angel Gabriel. Mary anon looked him upon, And said, Sir, what are ye? I marvel much at these tidings Which thou has brought to me. Married I am unto an old man, As the lot fell unto me; Therefore, I pray depart away, For I stand in doubt of thee. Chorus Mary, he said, be not afraid, But do believe in me: The power of the Holy Ghost Shall overshadow thee; Thou shalt conceive without any grief, As the Lord told unto me; God's own dear Son from Heaven shall come, And shall be born of thee. Chorus This came to pass as God's will was, Even as the Angel told. About midnight an Angel bright Came to the Shepherds fold, And told them then both where and when Born was the child our Lord, And all along this was their song, All Glory be given to God. Chorus Good people all, both great and small, The which do hear my voice, With one accord let's praise the Lord, And in our hearts rejoice; Like sister and brother, let's love one another Whilst we our lives do spend, Whilst we have space let's pray for grace, And so let me carol end. Chorus (Contributed by Frank DiSalle - December 2003)


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