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THE BORNING DAY (Fred Hellerman / Fran Minkoff) Harry Belafonte - 1963 The Brothers Four - 1966 Mary and the baby hungry Yes, we know what hungry be So we bring them peas and rice And a little ginger tea Only pigeon peas and rice A little ginger tea Mary thank us with her eyes She poor the same as we She poor the same as we Mary and the baby lonely Lonely is not good to be So we sit awhile and chat awhile To keep them company Stay awhile makes the baby smile Pass the time of day When we see how pleased they be It make us glad we stay So glad that we could stay Mary and the baby weary Oh, we know what weary be So we make a bed and pillow for their head With down from the muhow tree Only down from the muhow tree To rest them soft and good We feel bad this was all we had We do the best we could We do the best we could Mary and the baby rest easy We go away and let them be On hush tip toe and voice kept low We look up and see Stars of hope shine in the sky To mark the baby's birth Seemed to say it's borning day Of better times on earth Of better times on earth


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