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THE KING OF CHRISTMAS Ray Stevens Well,it was 10 o'clock on Christmas Eve I was wipein' eggnog on my sleeve Tryin' hard to fight those Christmas blues I went to bed,turned out the light I woke up sometime around midnight Thought I heard somebody singin' Blue Suede Shoes. Well,I got up and scratched my head I know that voice,but who I said Opened the window and looked outside I saw nine raindeer parked out back Hitched up to a long pink cadillac They looked like they'd just finished one heck of a ride. Well,my hair stood up on the back of my neck I went downstairs for one quick check I just had to find out for myself Well,he was big that much was true But he looked like someone else I knew Not like that white bearded,rosie cheeked old man. Chorus Oh,he's the King,The King of Christmas (He's the king,the King of Christmas) Alive and well and ridin' in his sleigh And I just can't help believin' Well those tabloids aint decivin' Cuz the King of Christmas Passed me on his way! Now beneath his cap of jet black hair And sideburns hangin' down to there He wore a silver belt around his waist Then with a swivel of his hip He started to curl his upper lip With a look that said Merry Christmas on his face Then with a karate kick he whirled around I saw him write something down He took the note and he stuffed it in my sock Then he put a record under the tree Just before he turned to leave He hummed a bit of Jailhouse Rock. Chorus Then he pulled up his collar and flipped back his hair And disappeared into thin air I saw the sequins glitter upon his coat That 45 that he'd laid down was Santa Claus Is Back In Town And I played it while I read the words he wrote I'll outlive rock and roll and postage stamps that say I'm dead And at the bottom he signed his famous name Well, some say the King was put to rest But me and Santa ,we know best And I bet somewhere there's elves that'll say the same. Oh he's the King,the King of Christmas (He's the king,the King of Christmas) Alive and well and ridin' in his sleigh And as I heard that sleigh rev and fly Through the night there came a cry Sant Claus has left the building! chorus (Transcribed by Machiel Bain - October 2002))


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