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THE STABLE LIGHT (Leigh Newton, 1999) When the wise ones came with the gifts so fine, Found him lying in a manger. They had seen the star and they'd known the sign, A tiny boy could be the Saviour. When the shepherds left their sheep, And they found him in a stable, They whispered praises and shivered in awe, Knelt there at God's own cradle, With a wonder in their eyes. There were those who shied from the stable light, Those who didn't want to see him; And they planned to be mixing wrong with right, They hoped that others wouldn't greet him. Still the pilgrims come each year, And their number knows no border; Love has come again, joy to the world! Wonder at God's new order, And the Saviour in disguise. From the stable door comes a light so clear, The darkness never could devour. In a tiny child there is hope so near, With peace and gentleness his power. See the Christ child born this night, See the Word of God now spoken, Saints and sinners here bend at the knee In awe at the sacred moment, Now with Jesus in their lives.


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