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TRENERRY WASSAIL The mistress and master our wassail begin, Pray open your door and let us come in, With our wassail, wassail, wassail, wassail, And joy come to our jolly wassail. The mistress and master sitting down by the fire While we poor wassailers are travelling in the mire, Along with... The mistress and master sitting down at their ease Put their hands in their pockets and give what they please With... I hope that your apple trees will prosper and bear, That we may have cider when we call next year With... And where you've one hogshead I hope you'll have ten, So that we may have cider when we call again With... I hope that your barley will prosper and grow, So that you may have some and enough to bestow With... Now we poor wassail boys growing weary and old, Drop a small bit of silver into our bowl. For... I wish you a blessing and a long time to live Since you've been so free and willing to give With... (Contributed by Frank DiSalle - December 2003)


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