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YA ANA YA ANA (Oh Me, Oh Me) (The Rahbani Brothers) Fayrouz Ya ana ya ana ana wayak serna el esas el ghareeba Ya ana ya ana ana wayak w ensaraat makateebi W aarfo enak habeebi W aarfo enak habeebi Ya ana ya ana harab el saif harabt aanaeed el zeena W iza dhayaani el hawa she said b albak betlaaeeni W khabeeni w la tkhabeeni W khabeein w la tkhabeeni Layaleek b eini shababeek medhweeni Saferni habeebi saferni b layaleek Wana aool la tesnsa aala tool la tensa W oyounak takhedni w tooaadni b layaleek Tarako tarako sahr el bal wel aashaa lam jnaho Tarako asameehun al baba aala kateb el damaa w rahoo Nesyoona w ertaho Nesyoona w ertaho Ya ana ya ana Ya ana ya ana Ya ana ya ana Ana weyak ***** English Translation: OH ME, OH ME Oh me, oh me and you we became the odd stories, Oh me, oh me and you and my letters were stolen, and they knew that you were my love, oh me, oh me the summer ran away and the grapes of decoration ran too, and if love lost me in one summer in my heart you would find me, and hide me and don’t hide me, Your nights in my eyes, make me travel in your nights, and I would tell you not to forget, never ever forget, and your eyes would take me and promise me your nights, They left, they left the night and the lover took in his wing, they left their names on the door, on the books of tears and left, they forgot and just relaxed. *****


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