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YES INDEEDY (HE DO) Annette Hanshaw - 1930 Good boy, bad boy, happy or sad boy They're so nice to see Gee, I like 'em all, still I never fall Smart boys, down boys, looking for fun boys Are good company But when I'm lookin' for a real time There's just one for me Does he do what I want him to At the time I want him to Yes indeedy, he do And then when I'm all set Does he wanna pet at the time I wanna pet Yes indeedy, he do And that's the reason just why The reason that I started falling And when he showed me the ring I said the right thing without stalling He looks ahead to the day we're wed On the day we said we'd wed Yes indeedy, he do (Instrumental Break) When I say so, does he say "Let's go" Anyplace I wanna go Yes indeedy, he do And does that baby know how to give me dough Just the time that I need dough Yes indeedy, he do And when we're keeping a date Staying out late, my desire Just winks his sleepy blue eye And says, "Honey, I must retire" When shadows creep and he goes to sleep Does he really go to sleep Yes indeedy, he do That's all! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2018)


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