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YES, MY DARLING DAUGHTER (Stanley Adams / Harry Waren) Studio Orchestra (instrumental) - 1938/1939 Verse : Instrumental Chorus 1 : Yes, my darling daughter, Listen to your mother and listen well ! After all, suppose a man is witty, Don't just fall because his talk is pretty. Yes, my darling daughter, Never mind a flower in his lapel; Wait and see, you'll find a lad As sweet as your dad, And then how glad you'll be. Chorus 2 : Yes, my darling daughter, You may kiss a little, but all in fun. Don't just fall for any handsome hero, After all, he may add up to zero. Yes, my darling daughter, Go and dance, but hurry right home at one; Don't be free, but honey, If his father has money, Then come home by three.


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