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YESTERDAY’S WINNER IS A LOSER TODAY Ernest Tubb / Jimmie Skinner / Jesse Rodgers Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours – 1947, 1967, 1981 Ernest Tubb & Gene Watson - 1981 The world loves a winner but someone must lose There's bound to be someone left with the blues So why should I worry when you go away yesterday's winner is a loser today Now I now that I find this heart to play fair but somehow I wonder if you really care Was it love that you gave dear or just foolish play Yesterday's winner is a loser today Instrumentals – Guitar & Steel Now I know there was someone in your life before And I'm sure it's that someone that you still adore Oh I wish it was different but there's no other way Yesterday's winner is a loser today So goodbye little darlin’ I'm sorry we met it's easy to love but so hard to forget Just remember my story here's all I can say… Yesterday's winner is a loser today (Contributed by Lyle Malone - February 2007)


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