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YIP! NEDDY (Michael Carr, Lewis Ilda) Ambrose & His Orchestra V. Sam Browne Recorded 14th Dec. 1934 Hey, Hiram, hand me down the harness And, Hiram, get old Ned Sey, Hiram, hitch Neddy to the buggy We gotta go a-shopping 'cos the folks must all be fed Yip, (whistle) Neddy, we gotta get to market We got no time to park it We gotta get to market, feller Yip, (whistle) Neddy, we gottsa bring home the eggs, boy So lift your lazy legs and move along Yip, (whistle) Neddy, we got no time for stallin' The sun will soon be fallin' We got no time for stallin', feller Yip, (whistle) Neddy, we gotta bring home the bacon Come on and waken up and move along When we get to town, I've got an inclination That I'll meet my Mary-Lou When we get to town, there'll be a celebration A kiss for me, and hay for you (Musical Break) Yip, (whistle) Neddy this ain't the place for grazin' You'd better stop your lazin' This ain't the place for grazin',feller Yip, (whistle) Neddy, you gotta earn your hay, boy So better be on your way and move along (a kiss for me and hay for you) (a kiss for me and hay for you) Transcribed from John Wright's 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2013)


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