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YONDER STANDS LITTLE MAGGIE (Traditional) Grayson & Whitter - 1928 Wade Mainer, Zeke Morris & Steve Ledford - 1937 The Stanley Brothers - 1946 The Kingston Trio - 1958 Flatt & Scruggs - 1962 Barry Hall - 1964 Frank Wakefield & The Kentuckians - 1964 Ivor Melton - 1968 Hamish Imlach - 1969 Carl Smith - 1971 Mt. Airy - 1972 Tommy Jarrell - 1974 Iron Mountain String Band - 1981 Darden Smith - 1988 Chris Montgomery - 1990 Bob Dylan - 1992 Dirk Powell - 1999 Also recorded by: Doc Watson; Ricky Skaggs; Bill and Betty Price; Los Tentakills; Bill Monroe; Sean Hayes; David Grisman; New Lost City Ramblers; Lee Monroe Presnell; Mike Seeger & Paul Brown; Steve Kaufman; Frank Proffitt; Lee Sexton; Tom Paley.........and others. Over yonder stands little Maggie With a dram glass in her hand She's passin' away her troubles And a-foolin' with another man Oh, how can I ever stand it To see those two blue eyes A-shining like two diamonds Like two diamonds in the sky Pretty flowers were made for blooming Pretty stars were made to shine Pretty girls were made for to love you Little Maggie was meant to be mine Sometimes I have a nickel And sometimes I have a dime And sometimes I have ten dollars Just to pay little Maggie's fine Go away, go away Little Maggie Go and do the best you can I'll get me another woman You can get you another man Oh, march me down to the station With a suitcase in my hand Well, I'm goin' away to leave you I'll go to some far distant land Well the last time I seen Little Maggie She was sittin' by the banks of the sea Had a forty-five a-lyin' beside her And a banjo on her knee I would rather be in some dark holler Where the sun could never shine Than to know you’re another man’s darlin' And no longer a darlin' of mine Lay down your last gold dollar Lay down your gold watch and chain Little Maggie's gonna dance for daddy Listen to that ol' banjo ring (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2011)


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