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YOU AND ME From the London Pantomime "Cinderella" (1957) (Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein II) Starring Tommy Steele, Jimmy Edwards, Yana, Bruce Trent, Kenneth Williams, Betty Marsden & Robin Palmer. Rodgers & Hammerstein originally wrote the 1957 musical "Cinderella" as a television show for U.S. audiences. In London, augmented with songs from their 1953 Broadway musical "Me And Juliet", it was transformed into a West End stage show / pantomime featuring Tommy Steele in his first stage role. Tommy Steele (as Buttons) & Jimmy Edwards (as the King) JIMMY: You must be Buttons, my boy. TOMMY: That's right, Your Majesty. JIMMY: Well, you don't want to be upset because my son, Prince Charming, is going to marry Cinderella. I believe you were very fond of Cinderella, weren't you? TOMMY: Oh yes. JIMMY: Well, it's nothing that you can't get over. It'll pass. All you got to do is to go out and get yourself another job. TOMMY: What sort of a job? JIMMY: Well, you could take up farming. TOMMY: I'd rather be Prince Charming JIMMY: You could be an envoy. TOMMY: I'm not that sort of boy. JIMMY: You could be a Jester like Charlie Chester. TOMMY: And if trouble should provoke, I'll be just the sort of bloke that could always tell a joke. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Palace this evening.... JIMMY: Someone I could choke! TOMMY: But oh, what a friend you'll have in me. JIMMY: Yes, you'd make a party blend, you'd be always there to lend. TOMMY: You mean that I could be your friend. JIMMY: Yes, you could be my blasted friend. TOMMY: Oh, what a friend you'll have in me. JIMMY: Ah, but that I shall have to wait and see. And if bad tidings cling, even though I am the King, I can always try and sing ......... BU-U-U-TER-FIN-GERS! TOMMY: Oh, what happiness you'll bring. JIMMY: It's just the very thing. BOTH: You and me, can we be partners You and me, can we be friends We'll be a great association One that never ends Pleasin' you's the job I'm given Pleasin' you makes life worth livin' When we're wrong we'll be forgiven As we go along, together we belong JIMMY: You be the ham and I'll be the eggs TOMMY: I'll be the coffee and you be the dregs JIMMY: You be the arms and I'll be the legs BOTH: Of the greatest guy on earth TOMMY: There we go, Jim BOTH: You and us, can we be buddies You and us, can we be friends All the kids and mums and daddies That's where friendship blends JIMMY: When you go, be nice and happy TOMMY: Love your "Mammy" and your "Pappy" JIMMY: Be a really cheerful chappie TOMMY: Be like me and the King JIMMY: Rise, Baron Buttons of Bermondsey. BOTH: Yes, it's the proper thing Yes, it's the proper thing (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2006)


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