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YOU ARE THE ONLY SONG Harry Chapin Oh, I've sung it all tonight; Almost ev'ry story that I know. And now when they turn out those spotlights; Ya' know, I'm never sure, where I'm s'posed to go. And I get so hoarse that I can't hit the high notes; It's just a whisper, way down low. But when... you sing from the inside; Ya' know ya' hope that something shows...... And that... is... why.... Yes, you are the only song, the only song I need. You're my laughter, and you're my lonely song; You're the harvest; yes you're the seed. And you're my first and my final song; For you own me indeed. Oh yes, oh yes, Yes, after all is said and done; You're the one song that I need. I have sung my songs to silence; To empty clubs and crowded bars. I've even sung my songs to standing rooms; And I'll sing 'em, I'll sing 'em, to the stars. And all the faces, they all fade together; The applause, it's gone so fast. And the story of every darkened stage; Is that this glory, this glory will not last. And that... is... why.... Yes after all is said and done, You're the one song that I need.


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