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YOU ARE THERE Johnny Mandel (m) Dave Frishberg (l) as rec by Stacey Kent w david Newton (piano) June 2000 England In the evening, When the kettle's on for tea, An old familiar feeling Settles over me, And it's your face I see, And I believe that you are there! In a garden, When I stop to touch a rose, And feel the petals Soft and sweet against my nose, I smile and I suppose That somehow maybe you are there! When I'm dreaming, And I find myself awake without a warning, Then I rub my eyes And fantasise, And all at once I realise It's morning, And my fantasy is fading Like a distant star at dawn, My dearest dream is gone! I often think there's just one thing to do - Pretend the dream is true And tell myself that you Are there! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2012)


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