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YOU BROKE MY HEART TO PASS THE TIME AWAY (Leo Wood / Joe Goodwin, 1913) You've said goodbye and everything is over now it seems, And all you left behind for me were dreams, just shattered dreams; For you were all I had, the only happiness I knew, You went away without a word, you proved your love untrue. I see you as I saw you on the day we two first met, You seemed as an angel from above your smile I can't forget; The smiles that made me think, perhaps, some day for me you'll care, The smile that promised untold joy, but left me in despair You never meant the kisses that you gave me, I've paid with tears for every bit of joy, You made a plaything of my heart, the heart I gave to you, You broke it like a child would break a toy; The love you gave was like a fading flower, The kind of love that lives for just a day, But forgive you, dear, I will, God knows, I love you still, Tho' you broke my heart, to pass the time away.


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