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YOU CALL IT MADNESS (BUT I CALL IT LOVE) Con Conrad / Russ Columbo / Paul Gregory / Gladys Dubois 1929 as recorded by Billy Eckstine also recorded by - Russ Columbo '29 Mildred Bailey '30's Bert lown & his Biltmore Hotel Orchestra '30's Ben Selvin & his orchestra '30's The Nat "King" Cole Trio '45 '46 Diana Krall '95 Cy Coleman Eddie Fisher Jackie Gleason & his Orchestra Kate Smith At first the slight suggestion That grew to haunt my mind, 'Twas that eternal question, True love is hard to find! And then the day I found you, My love I had to share; I built my dreams around you, Somehow you made me care1 I can't forget the night I met you, That's all I'm thinking of, And now you call it madness, But I call it love! You made a promise to be faithful By all the stars above, And now you call it madness, But I call it love. My heart is beating, It keeps on repeating For you constantly! You're all I'm needing, And so I'm pleading, Please come back to me! You made a plaything out of romance, What do you know of love? That's why you call it madness, But I call it love! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2012)


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